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for Frankie Pearson 🌒🌕🌘


Shadows swell
Ebb and flow
Like lunar tides
Selene rides
Her chariot
Across the sky

Artemis and Hekate
Being One
Virgin and Magick
Of the Underworld
Lift the spell of
Winter’s frost
As Persephone
Returns to host


for Frankie Pearson 🌒🌕🌘
(tomorrow I turn the magicK 53)🌙


I am whole but more whole with you


Morning sun
Breathing fresh
Innocent newborn air
My heart is filled rapture
Love falling from cumulous sky
Feeding me like mana
I am whole, but more With you
Knowing that life Is understanding weather cycles
Prepared for daily changes
Being centered in the Now
Putting faith in All….
Keeping the one you love
Safe from torrid storms
A gentle wind carries who I am
To the beating of your heart
Three ravens circle over head
Releasing blessings for us from neath their obsidian wings soaring in the elysian fields.

Victims Aren’t We All

Victims Aren’t We All

We died that night
Becoming gods from mortals
I trusted you, I gave my heart
It was cut from me
With a switchblade knife

Ouroboros tail to mouth
The Silver moon shines eternal
Candles burn in the loft
That We we’re supposed to share

“I love you” painted on the wall
My blood not yet dried
I feel the pain of tomorrowsu
Tomorrows that were NEVER
Meant to be today’s….

I’m no Phoenix, I Am Raven now
I rise from the dead just the same
My gift to you, was all I had
I gave blindly to you and I burn

I am clandestine shadows from all
Walking on glass over tightrope
I see through you with X-ray specs
My pain I try to keep silent
I have no vision, no voice, I’m lost

You know that I love you
I have never held back my desire
I am honest, with nothing concealed
I felt like we were reaching higher
The prespitice of affections you and I

Some recognize me from what I was
I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow
Feelings I never knew consumed me
I was engulfed in a funeral pyre
Real love is forever…

This message I bleed, out every pore
Premature ejaculation from my veins
Stigmata, walking on water, for you
Look over head, the black bird flies
In honour, fear, in the name of love

I want to touch you, be in the stars
Start our new beginning we deserve
There is nothing in the world
That I would not sacrifice for you
I never knew, life could feel this way
Trying to learn the cosmic balance
How much to give openly of me
How much of me kept from the Wall

We are the same, and we know that
We’ve known this before day one
My Superpower, my kryptonite
You are my strength and weakness

I felt the lips of the ancient gods
And received their blessings to be
It’s up to you, I’m just a clown
A beautiful clown you said was yours
I stand before you, open armed
Lay on the floor prostrate, vulnerable

There is nothing in the world
That I wouldn’t do for you
Capturing the sun and the moon
This is true Love
Don’t run away from us

This is Our chance for New Life
I am nesting preparing the way
I miss you more more than you know

I love you, I adore you am I selfish
For wanting more, I love you, I adore
you am I selfish for wanting more,
I want you to feel the same feel the same
as me.

Have you settled on alone, simply a martyr…
the world was designed for the fire of two.
Born into magick, raised in butterflies,
nocturnal wild things, with necromancer tongues.

I think I, can feel my self slipping away,
lost into the night. Am I alone believing these dreams
or is there a breath of hope. The goddess card pulled,
the yin to the yang, sexual and spiritual magick skills,
we were equals in every way. Like a faithful dog I wait
for you, for you, and you alone.

You have had me from before the start…
until you signal for me to leave and it’s over.
One last spin around the bright silver moon,
and into the sea I descend.



Crisscrossing across America to the land of Gold and Dreams


Said “Hey Man, Don’t be Blue”

There is another side of the rainbow yet to be explored.

You knew inside, that it was more but your silence and misconduct would be the downfall and more.

You pulled the velvet curtain from underneath Persephone’s feet, causing panic anxiety and wearing the ring of unloved loved folly.

Hey Jude, I heard the news, you weren’t Bonnie and Clyde, but took what you thought was Bonnie’s ride. Crisscrossing across America to the land of Gold and Dreams. You never stopped to wonder if everything was as it seemed.

Alone inside of yourself, you were Dizzy inside, filling your soul with alcohol to make the pain and hurt go blind. You tried to be beautiful, you cost Persephone’s trust and you lied. Stealing a mint and leaving a trail of dust you were bound to shatter more than dreams.

The waves crash inland, there was an Arctic chill in the air. Days turned into months and months into years. Years turned into decades… And Alone Persephone forged along a Mother with pen in hand.

“Don’t Fire! til you see the whites of their eyes” But It was too late to react for they wore blinders of ignorance and wet lettuce as shields

(To be continued…….)

Remember the old phrase…

The writer is what matters.

Remember the old phrase…

“Poetry written is for the self, to make one happy, sad or satisfied… Some, the hungry, say it even feeds their egos. Damn the fools that make up the public. The collectors of words and bringers of prosperity. The writer is what matters. Staying true to their own words and sacrifice, to remain cozy with nouns, verbs, adjectives, along with adverbs of their own creaction. Word salads are designed to whet the writer’s appetite. There, wrapped up all cozy in the privacy of their prose, content to be happy all alone. Not wanting or willing to reach next level of success, there where the air runs thin yet abundant.
The poet that calls themselves poet, if they were to reach these sheer altitudes, could they have the fortitude to survive by design?”
Anderson Forthwight

No Pressure

Each step he took was another looping bit of confusion

No Pressure

It usually didn’t rain in southern California, but when it did the arid infrastructure wasn’t designed to hold even the smallest amount of seasonal rain at all.

Great muddy puddles of yesterday’s would stretch from the center of the street all the way through to the depths of broken sidewalks of tomorrow’s.

Each step he took was another looping bit of confusion, a special dirty cocktail mix of worry, panic, and anxiety. Pickled onions marinated his greatest hits fears looming over him.

He was scared of a sickness that’s condition hadn’t been revealed yet, with a head muted with silence, and worst of all, the possibility that his dreams of a realization and MagicKal bliss were crumbling down, without a sound unheard behind him.

He felt as awkward as he did stupid. He felt as stupid as he did lost. Whispers of the goddess angel reminded him not to worry, he would be alright once he felt that special sensation of being grounded again, and he knew what that would entail.

He’s been through hell and back, never realizing that his life was building up to these very moments. He knew he just had to move on, move on and trust, trust that everything would be more than divine. He was on a journey to meet his better half, two peas in a pod that shared each other’s mind and desires.

Amidst the chaos of his mind he wrestled with the notions of not being present enough with his caring and reassurances for her,
because he needed to know she knew that he would indeed always be there for her.

Contrasting this with his actions of overstating his boundless feelings of longing, comfort, and desire, leaving message after message, posting after posting, growing so scared he’d that he had already driven his beautiful butterfly away.

It was undeniable, there was an inherent connection when the two met, that combined with the mysterious magnetic pull which undeniably led to the key to his eternal happiness.

No Pressure
No Pressure

He tried to rest assured himself.
That was the same advice he had given to her to ease her feelings of possible insecurity.

No Pressure
No Pressure

He would always be there for her.


Come Bite the Apple

Come Bite the Apple

It was just going on past Fourththirty and he was more than ready to call it a day. Reognizing and recategorizing the studies vast and ancient book collection was more than a little tedious to say the least.
He grabbed his car keys and his jacket and started to make his way out the brass and glass double doors just ahead of him when his jacket  caught an old India inkwell, dragged it across the main showroom table and be watched it in slow motion empty itself over the simple white carpet.
Bad Boy! Bad Boy! Now look.what you’ve gone and done.
Bad boy! Bad Boy! Now
clean those chalk erasers, here, let me bend over so you can smack them on my tight firm  Ass you dirty little Fuck Toy …..
Clouds of thick white dust fill the air…
And she bit down both on her lower lip and finger.
He pushed her off his lap, and she knowing moved before him, faced him directly from the front,
her slightly red moist eyes behind the protective lenses, and he slid towards her still in a sitting position, and she reached up to his belt and zipper, feverishly undoing his buckle, pulling his trousers to his knees as she grabbed his Great COCK in one hand and massaged his oversized ballsack in the other… He felt so good, so warm so hot, to her that all she could think about was tasting his forbidden fruit…..
“Cum bite the apple”
And with a wicked grin, she smiled with those eyes…..


Irina Eclipse

Irina Eclipse

With the eclipse
Light and darkness
Brother and sister dance
Holding moments
Before passing
Meeting in
Each caught
In the throws
Of gravitational pull
Daughter of Eternity
Illuminated child of
She breathes
Within two
The black
The white
The knowledge of

Is magnificent
Pulling tides
Controlling minds
With subtle motion
Madness takes sanity
The forgotten goddess
Worshipped by tribes
Beyond the sun
Sacrifices made
In her name
Ziggurat of Ur
Olmec pyramids
Ceremonial dancing
Blood letting
Creatures of the night
The balance of life
She is the princess
The queen
Between worlds
The goddess

*(Matthew Bowers)* ~93

Beauty and The Goat

You are the goddess of beauty
I am the ugly beast of burden

Beauty and the Goat

Bend and swoon
Underneath a Harvest moon
You are the goddess of beauty
I am the ugly beast of burden
I will always love you in the ways
That cannot be perceived by men.
I will follow you as Persephone into dark harshness if the underworld. Grab me by the horns, and do what thou wilt to me. I am yours in every sense of the word. Talk me, let me hold you, protect you, be the vision of Cane. What lies before you prostate is no mear beast, but a former lover of centuries past. Hold me, guide me to the land of light and promise… It is here under the Hollywood sign, that we first made love… We are yin, we are yang, we are one we are.. what humans dreams are made up of. Now … My goddess, take me
underneath the Harvest Moon.

You are my better half ….
#mb93 #magick #theGoat
#persephone #yinyang


Reflections mirror pain and
loneliness that can only be
captured by a million maybe


Moments tumble, fumble, through
the darkness into an empty haze.
Poor satellite images signal
through, the black and the white
film Noir chic alabaster skin.

Reflections mirror pain and
loneliness that can only be
captured by a million maybe

This wasn’t the Deal. It wasn’t in the
cards. The echoes of broken
promises that leave their mark
etched and burned as yet another
warning to others.

Can he heal?

Mr. Fly by Night is down for the count. Can he ever feel, safe
again, brave again sane enough to
let his fragile guard down again.

The control tower fizzles electric dialogue, tries to reach him,
answering a long outstanding

“Get down fella, keep your nose to
The pavement. You got sumthin’ to
Say… You better save it”

The shiny barrel of a Colt 44,
catches a glint of moonlight.

Menacing and calculated, spread eagle on the concrete air-strip that
lifts off to anywhere-ville, he
foresees hair, scalp, blood and brain matter painted red flesh over yellow lane dividers.

Ripcord PoP!
Echo through the British Majestatis Province. In a world of black and gold, so much white. A thief to liars trial by fire, to give and give and never get.

The sound of muted thunder hits the ground like whet cement. Guilty of yearning, pagnes of repression amongst the depression, all crapped out on the whole ball of wax, reading between the sidelines, going head blind… on last breath, one last thought all for naught…

Just how could he, laying in a pool of ever growing flowing blood, only feel the pain left behind from simply …
a broken heart.


Who Am I?

He grew up in silence

Who Am I?

But the luckiest guy in the world
still scratching his head
He loses himself
In thoughts of
“What did I do
to deserve Her?”

He… was still a child at heart
He believed in Camelot, MagicK
and fairy tales, even green men
that lived on the moon.

He looked for messages
that the universe would leave Him! Secret encryptions only god himself could share.

Before he knew what had just transpired, there was an electric current that cracked through the air. Something had happened in
that briefest of moments
something that would change His
life, and he, would never be the


He grew up in silence, hearing whispered tales of Aphrodite, her formidable beauty, her lethal charms. While the people of the ancient world both loved and feared her, they erected temples in honour of all that she was.

He remembered crossing the familiar tundra almost curbside, that went on for acres speckled only with the tiniest of elm trees, for a hot chocolate and an ice cream, no…. He never considered himself “not” weird or an outcast.
These wore the titles that he, himself embraced as badges, and on worse days, armour even.

It was going on three o’clock in the afternoon, and it seemed that the sun was already retiring from the day’s non adventure. Diane came up to him smiling wide per usual with about four coats of lipstick too much for her complexion.

She was good people though, genuine, a proud reflection of what America pretends it once was. The sparkle in her eyes, her friendly demeanor, everything about her was legit, she didn’t put on no show to get some floozy two dollar tip.
(Though it could be argued that them top two buttons on her blouse could be leading one to temptation, but to be honest, it was the best she could do to contain herself within the garment itself).

(Too be continued……. )

Unheard Melody

Unheard Melody

It didn’t matter who he was anymore. A silent matchstick just hoping to catch the last breath of flame to reignite , something before everything else around him died.

There was nothing conventiental in his thoughts or actions. He used to believe in “The Great Hope”. He used to believe in brilliant tomorrows, in change and of course the most elusive of them all, Love.

It was some 10:30 am, not exactly early, not exactly late by L.A. standards…. But definitely the perfect time to start his day off with 25¢ depth chargers and kamikazes. “Ain’t Nuthin’ like the spoils of rot guy for breakfast to start you on your day….. “

Today had started out actually promising for once, he allowed himself a glimmer of happiness to enter and invade his life… had he been foolish once once again? Or was there some freak technical obstruction that kept HER silent away from all that he had been working towards, for THEM.

Feeling was the manifestation of pain and total black out of communication was a slippery slope, one that he tried to guide himself through. . His stupid illness placed the blame fully on himself, and the echoing words of “I told you so, I knew that you would get hurt”, never trailed far behind his understanding of what might have beens.

He knew he was not perfect, to mushy on the vulnerable side with a confidence that had been chewed up and spit out by some Ninja Bullet…. Because he needed to believe, In Her.

He felt his remains…. Dwindling away, without purpose when just just so recently , he declared joy and happiness that out weighed any of those alive, in the presence of today. He Knew Beauty, He Knew Happiness, He knew Joy and Hope and for the first time in his 50+ years, things had finally made sense, and for some reason, it felt like the shiney red carpet was being pulled from beneath his feet causing him to fall and lose everything in mere moments ….because it was HE surely it was some silly way of trying to sabotage himself for not deserving … Her

“My inner voice that likes me so thrives telling me how stupid I am for thinking I’m worthy of Love…it just found a way to get in tonight…and I typed going as in going to feel better tomorrow..not as in going, going.”……….

Are you? …. going, going…….?

Is this the reason why? I have not heard from you in 24 hours?

I have never felt this confusion or pain…. On the day with the biggest surprises that surely would have been bliss….. And I still try to maintain hope… But as the Capricorn feels so does the Aquarian…. For we are one in the same …..



We shined like
Fucking diamonds
Falling like lost angels


Pachuco styles
White Walls
Cruising for miles

Ray-Ban born tan
Cat eyeliner
In Levi jeans

Police raids
Razor fades
Bumper to bumper
Down Whitier Blvd.

This was the place
Action electricity
Gasoline smiles
Two lane speedways

Spic chic Lolita tits
The American dream
Taking us from behind
Watch your ass!
I carry a blade…

Pigs stashing rigs
Brown tar balloons
Were Never our gig
One by one
Ten by ten
Scores and more
Taken to the station
In paddy wagon Vice

We shined like
Fucking diamonds
Falling like lost angels
Sentenced to face
Political profiling

I got your number
Don’t need No badge
You ain’t nothin without
Your tin shield, billy club
and S&W.38

We burned oil field at night
Long parades Chevy Impalas
High Beams on the cars
and us Chicanas

We were La Raza
Angelino youth
First generation
We had to Prove
That We Owned
These streets

René 🥀💋


Emotions flood Streets


Rain comes down
More Emotions flood Streets
and Avenues Along St. Vincent
Sister Mary cries again
For Her lone



Art Deco thoughts meander
down Champagne dreams


Suffering and genius go hand
in hand married to brilliance

Art Deco thoughts meander
down Champagne dreams lost
among the poets and sculptors

Madness breeds and thrives within alcohol and jealous veins insane

Icons of youth and success—enfants terribles of the Jazz Age
She raged/ liquored up spinning OUT/ the archetype flapper birthing the fire flash paper generation

Réne 🥀💋


Where was the morning?
Where was the warmth?


There was only a little darkness left, as the morning slowly started to raise her tired eyes, and there was nothing I wanted more in the world than to join her, as she brings me a comfort that I’ve never experienced before, nor realized I desired so badly.

It was somewhere between these thoughts that he recognized this longing to share. Share all that he had, all that he was, and embrace morning for all her inspiration and glory.

He was in deep and he knew it, and what’s more, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He could count on one hand the amount of times he was truly happy, and it seems that all those silly fingers on that hand belonged to her.

It was growing actually cold outside, well for California anyway. He felt the need to put socks on and felt a bit more than ridiculous when thinking about the weather conditions of the rest of the country.

In his head he could hear heralding angels, and he wanted nothing more than to be officially united with the “one” that he indeed loved. There was so much that he wanted to share and experience with her, he had indeed wholeheartedly given her the key to his heart. There was nothing more that he wanted than for her to use it and come to him through the dusty door.

You are something special, something sacred, I wish that I could be More, for you. He hated moments of silence, and he knew why too. In these moments he was left alone with his thoughts and for some reason insecurities he never felt otherwise. The silence fed upon him and his vulnerability like white wolves in a black forest, going straight for his jugular vein. He was basically totally defenseless from himself!

Where was the morning?
Where was the warmth?
Did he drive her away with his withering mind, that had become so susceptible to creating negative reactions? Will she rise and bring the noon? Warm his heart and comfort his soul? Was all of this too much pressure to pass on? Was This sharing of himself too much?

It’s too late to go to bed, it’s early to be awake so he found himself, alone with these haunted thoughts, pacing back and forth, back and forth through purgatory itself.

All he wanted, right here, right now, was to truly feel safe and be comforted by morning’s soft embrace.


Forest Song

Forest song

In miserable darkness
Running Away
Looking for Death
Looking for Love
You’re fading away
You’re fading away
Standing alone
Joining the trees
Joining the trees
You are One
You are One
You have found

Sad Song for Dracula

Sad Song for Dracula

These … were lonely nights
Lonely nights filled nothingness
Nothingness filled his undead life
His undead life filled with a sunless sky
Les Fleurs du Mal hung on the wall
The pained cry of of the harmon mute
Brings cold tears drops from chandelier
A silent reign of blood forsaken abode
This empty hunger grows and it grows
Memoirs decaying fleeting bring despair
His former self a shadow of distant hope
Ancient lusts cum on the tip of Lilith’s
tongue while indulging her desires within
He blows slowly, gently calling on muse
The hollow framework of his regal mind
Denied all the humanity of what could be
Requiem echoes and fades with each
note as the Wolfgang tradition continues
The drained soul, empty heart once bled
Sadness oozes from Gothic ambience
Surrounding the pagne within his eyes
Melody, Melody, the symphony of death
Is to familiar a song for the vampyre


You are Not Broken

Follow these Steps~

Be honest

1) it is Not you Job!!!
To put a Smile on everyone
You are Not alone feeling that either! I was Just explaining that to a very Special someone JUST Today! Making others happy, is idealistically Great!
But, No one refills the coffers, gives Back what you give, and I understand that is not the Driving “purpose” … But I do know, you can Not drive a car that has Run out of gas! And there are too many of them, they WILL consume you, if you were to make each and every single one happy or smile, there is No Room for you!!!!
You understand?
No Room I’m Your Life FOR YOU!
2) WHO …. broke you
You must understand exactly Who, How they broke you you, and in what way they broke you!!!!
3) understanding 1& 2 you can begin 3!!!!! Healing

4) be honest
What do you want
What are your goals
Visualize HOW to achieve them How to climb this Ladder….
5) Understand, No Matter What!!!! You Are Worth IT!
GIVE Yourself the self Love that You Need!
Who else can you count on?
Your Worth It!!!
You Deserve IT!
6) EXAMINE the wounds
What are the wounds?
Are they as Serious as you feel they Are?
Are you Stuck, in pain, staring at them … In Shock
Not Able to Do anything about them, due to the Shock, so you hyper focus bOn the wounds giving them More power than they truly Have ! (This happens in panic and anxiety attacks so I know the struggle)

Take Away the Power of the Wounds
You Are Stronger than the Wounds
You were created that way
7) Eliminate All of those stressers, contributor’s….
Anything that is Not for you is against you!
Streamline your life!!!!
8- Do IT!!!!
ACT on it
Set Your life in Motion
Do Not Allow Any Excuses
Maybes…. Do it
Achieve your Goals, Dreams, Desires!!!!!

As a Celestial Being…
This is YOUR Reality
(No One Else’s)
Your Movie!
Write It … Make a Fucking Great Ending .. You WINING!!!!!!

And … I got your Back as Well … This Is your Life
Your Movie… But… Your not Alone !

Down The Lane

Wild Raven hair reaches for me

Down on the Lane

The hazel autumn whispers
Brought tears to my eyes
Brought tears to my eyes
I have never been touch before
No never like this
No Never like this
Wild Raven hair reaches for me
I surrender myself
I surrender myself
If wind had a name would it come
down the Lane
I put her to my lips
I put her to my lips
Swept up in her MagicK
I walk through the fire
Because I believe
Because I believe
And she’s radiant
I want to SCREAM
to the World!!!
She is magnificent
A boy meets a girl
When smile because the breeze
It brings joy to my heart
I’ll never let go
I’ll never let go
Around a fire she dances
Reflecting romances
Of lives that have
Come together as one
Laughing and playing
The song of the wind saying
She’s the magick that you’ve
Longed for
All along


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