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Tragedy in the Details

suicidal rants and Hemingway threats…
Is This my devise

Obviously Unimportant
As it doesn’t serve the self serving with loose agenda
Razors, Favours, effort genuinely received but never quid pro quo. Time… Vision… Execution…
Lost in a pseudo  rhythm
Self styled Outlaw working
9 to 5… The pen does scribble
Abstract, misspelled rants that even in this moment … I wonder if Intentional or unknowingly by default. A “poets poets” that will never leave it’s room, climb off the page or Excell at making a difference. I got All I need.
My type writer
Pen paper
And some India ink
I am a true artists that makes to compromise that at the end of the day wonders why … No one hears… Now one knows… Why reach Outward for my words to grow…I got this! I gotta this.
Between suicidal rants and Hemingway threats…
Is This my devise for people to check on me?
The beauty is middle America
Once thought of as the sleeping giant blanketed with rolling hills
On hundred and eighty degrees in the sky, the sun morph’s into varying degrees of Gold and Magick….                            

Published by The Calling

Poet, Author, Musician, Spiritual Alchemist, Magick

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